100 Days Project


Thanks to our major sponsor!

It's time to say a huge thank you to our major sponsor – Westpac! Candice, Simon, Tracey and the team have been incredibly supportive for two years now - and their help means we're able to put on multiple Day 100 Shows in 2014. But wait - there's more! Brilliant AND brave, they've stepped it up a notch this year - with 50 Westpac folk currently tackling the 100 Days Project too. Impressive.

Thanks to Producer

Massive thanks to Daniel Roper at Producer, who for the past few years has printed our posters, stickers, flyers, artist cards and t-shirts...Always at short notice, and always does a great job. This year, Daniel unexpectedly announced he would not be charging a single penny for any of the printing, because he was just really proud of how much the project has grown. Absolutely made my day. The t-shirts arrived today – check them out! And if you need printing, visit http://www.producer.co.nz/

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The last few days of the 2014 project

It's Day 93 as I write this, and we're down to the very last few days of the project.

It's been an enormous project this year, with over 2000 people signing up to take part from all over the world.

The resulting projects have yielded thousands of captured moments, memories, art and conversations. Everything from yoga, to music, to drawings of weeds, lunchboxes, coffee fixes, superheroes....there are as many different ideas as people involved. The breadth and scale of the daily works are impressive, and they offer us an insight into the multifarious ways we each see & process the world. They show us that creativity can truly be anything, and that a daily task can be the work of a moment, or as one Hundred Dayer told me this week a twelve hour labour of love.

It is these contrasts and differences between the participants that I find fascinating. I wouldn't want the project to ever be for just one kind of practitioner.

Below are just a few highlights and moments from the past few days of the project (including a couple not strictly from the last few days - that caught my eye). Click on the image to go to the project itself and find out more.

Hope to see you all at the Day 100 Shows! Head over here to find out more. Bring on Day 100!

- Emma Rogan

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Day 100 Show details

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Highlights from Days 43 - 75

Days from just a few of the many wonderful projects...
Small moments, woodcuts, delicious meals, handmade octopuses,
the blues, bunting and more...

Click on the image to go to the project:

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