100 Days Project

Lex: My Alphabet of Positivity

Each day I will choose a positive word that I feel a connection to, either by what has happened in the day or just a feeling that I have experienced. Each word will be created in ink and water colour.

Nik: Botanical illustrations!

One plant illustration, every day for 100 days

Also visit: www.nikhouse.com

Georgia: Reasons To Be Cheerful Part 100

100 Lino cuts in 100 days

FEI: Feeling purple today

One purple drawing per day. For 100 days,

Also visit: www.feifei.space

maryp: auckland

different aspects/views of auckland - photography, using my 50mm lens

Chanel: DOTA 2

I tried doing this the last time and kind of forgot about quickly

Conor: 1x1x100

One square photo, every day. Simple.

Chloë: Brush script practice

Do a different brush script something everyday - till I gets good at it

Ruth: xxx


Holly: 100 Days of Accidentally Magic

I am currently in the process of the first draft revision of my first novel (woo!). To help build the world around it, I will create 100 pieces of background, be it about the world, the characters, the lore, the history. Written, drawn, created, the medium may vary, but I hope to create a cohesive scrapbook of resources that I can draw on for this novel, and any sequels.

Lexi: Paint by 100

Paint something every day!

Jeanine: Stranger Ranger

My STRANGER RANGER is going to fight stranger danger!

This bunny is not interested in taking selfies 3030 but rather taking snaps of friends he has not met yet. 100 days - 100 strangers into friends.

Who will that be? Happy go lucky of Auckland, down trotten in Lima,
elated in Machu Picchu or breathless in La Paz ? I will search in all those places and more.....
Meet my new friends here and find out where they are from and what they are up to.

Cheers Jeanine

Also visit: www.joxart.co.nz

Janet: Doodle a Day

I am going to do a black pen illustration every day in a visual diary

Rosie: 100 faces from time and spaces

I am going to draw/paint/illustrate a face everyday using a variety of styles and mediums and expression.

Kat: Anatomy and Movement study (Humans)

A series of sketches on the human anatomy and movements/actions the body can make. Each drawing can be quite realistic (more for the human anatomy) and more cartoonish (more for the movement).

Clinton: Black & white

Create a black & white image every day

Brandon: DIE 100 SQUARES DIE!

For 100 days (and I bloody mean 100 days!) I will photograph, draw, destroy & design a visual representation of my journey . A visual college of the madness that is, I.

Emily: Quotes



Lorem ipsum

William: 100 days project

Taking one photo everyday

Dianna: lekha sādhana

writing for the new year 2015. It's a good discipline to help bring back my voice which I lost, well... more like it was taken away from me. You can fight that and hold on for years, but it is truly a deep scar and it reveals itself bit by bit over time. This is just one of many things I've done for self-healing including learning to sing and then singing in public, performance class, teaching. I feel that writing again (I wrote books in my early teens) will be the final prescriptive remedy. I have found 40 day gratitude and other writing projects to be very helpful in 2014, so I'm starting 2015 off with a bit of writing right off the bat. Om.

William: people in my life

Each day, for 100 days I will take a black and white photograph of someone in my life

Adrienne: 100 shots of Piha

I didn't know what I was going to do but along the way I picked up a camera and went to Piha - now I'm seeing what I find

Alexanda: Visualisation / Still Life - Communication

A space to develop my skills in visual communication. I want to develop the art of still-life environmental / landscape sketching in order to influence imaginative / conceptual sketching.

Alternate days:
Still life sketching - Reality | Hand-eye coordination
Visualisation sketching - Drawing from the mind and previous experiences.

The aim of the exercise is to communicate conceptual ideas with others that look and feel realistic.
"A picture is worth a thousands words"

About Me :
Industrial designer - aspiring Social Innovator. Lover of great music, inspired by everything awesome!
Apart of a kick-ass team of 20 channgemakers, brought together by Lifehack to create impact projects for youth wellbeing. #LifehackLabs

Eightynine: Bones - an exploration

A look into evolution, humans, animals and beyond.

typography meets illustration.

Sarah: Draw.

100 days. 100 drawings.

Beth: Beasts

Technicolor illustrations

Beth: beasts

technicolour illustrations

Becs: Changing Skies

Take a photo at the same time each night capturing the change from dark to light

Mike: dont leave

names on leaves

Claudia: Vinyl and pixels

I was born 100 years after Thomas Edison first invented the phonograph. I grew up in the era of 70s and 80's vinyl, now I listen to, write and record music in ones, zeros and pixels. During the 100 day project I am documenting my current songwriting processes, from voice memos and notes on my phone to snaps of my workspaces and inspirations. This covers a lot of new writing as well as rewriting and editing of songs in progress.

Deenisha: Dirty Numbers


100 days creating my own Typographic font, for each number of the day using natural materials.

George: The Redness

My project is simple in its conception. I will identify a daily red thing. But there will need to be 100 different red things. So I expect that towards the end, the task will become more complex.

Steph: Close Enough For Comfort v2.0

Each day for the next 100 days, I want to photograph close up patterns, textures and subjects that have made me stop and appreciate the little things in life- an active reminder to see the beauty all around us amidst the rush of everyday life. I'm picking up where I left off last year- I still need to be reminded to slow down and cherish.

Kirsty: Pencil + Paper

Pencil Drawings

Vicki: Opoho and nearby, as winter ends

Phone-snaps of and from my neighbourhood in Dunedin, Opoho – which loosely means from the heart or from the guts but actually is named for the local C18 chief Poho.

Dale: A Dot a Day

A Dot a Day.. I did this inspiring workshop with the wonderful embroidery/design tutor Jo Dixey called "Designing the Dot" which in turn was inspired by the book "The Dot" by Peter H Reynolds - I would have liked to have stitched these, and maybe I'll get there, but in the meantime, I have my trusty little sketchbook, my coloured pencils, and my graphics pen.

Sonia: Social Polaroid Project

100 different Polaroids of a 100 different faces.

Becki: 100 days of captured moments.

As a freelance photographer who is also a full time physiology and psychology student I have rarely picked up my camera this year. This project is about myself and learning to be creative again without having to achieve perfection.

Jo: One Word Every Day

Hi my name is Jo and I am a Literacy Tutor. My challenge is one word every day to describe what Literacy means to me.

Daisy & Spike: Sock monsters

I am going to make a new sock toy every day for a hundred days. I will photograph them and put them up on my page. They will be a combination of monsters and animals, whatever inspires me on the day.

Brianna: 100 Days of Gratitude

100 days of sticky notes containing messages of thankfulness to certain people or things! :)

Deborah: My mate Marmite

So I used to quite enjoy drawing. Now I never do it and am crap so I want to get back on the horse. What can I draw that is always available, offers multiple perspectives and can be still for hours on end? my cat Marmite! Apparently she's stoked about being my muse.

Kyle: SWÅMP Tropical

100 Days of Squares with a SWÅMP tropical twist.

an area of low-lying, uncultivated ground where water collects; a bog or marsh.
synonyms: marsh, bog, quagmire, mire, morass, fen, quag, sump;

of, typical of, or peculiar to the tropics.
"tropical countries"

Emi: Do 1 thing from my pinterest board

I mostly use Pinterest and as a means to inspire and explore my creativity, but instead of doing the projects and trying out the different recipes I pin, I usually end up leaving them for later, (since there is never enough time).

I hope to do one thing from my pinterest board 'I WANNA DO THAT!' (or my other boards) each day x 100

Maisie: A book a day

I'm taking a picture of a book every day.

Brandon: 100 Days - 100 logos RESURRECTION

Im going to pull some old logos out of the closet, dust them off and see what I can do to bring new life to them, half old half new, resurrected and back to the future!

Tawera: Tuhia Tuhia Tuhia! Draw Draw Draw!

Create a random quick pen line drawing every day!

Jules G: Friendship

Each day, I will approach a pair of strangers who look as though they are close friends and ask to take their photograph

Amandine: Beyond

A daily exploration of the absence of a loved one. Because overcoming grief is a journey, and I am still travelling.
I will illustrate one thought, feeling or idea per day, and bring it together as a memorabilia at the end of the project.

Sarah: Activity!

I am going to do at least one form of physical activity everyday!

Sarah: Looking up

I'm going to explore photography, the viewer of the images will feel as though they are looking up at the subject or object through the angles that I use. I hope to improve my composition of images and my accuracy of using the manual settings during the 100 days.

Aurelia: october 1992

I have been working with National Geographics for almost 4 years now and still feel that there are projects that I can develop from the magazine. I propose to take a single publication and on each of the 100 days respond to a page at a time. I say respond because this leaves it open to any media or process application. I thought I would keep all the work contained in the magazine so that it remains a single unit.

Megan: 100 days of Hand Lettering

Getting away from the computer and creating some hand lettering everyday.

Raymond: Another Day another Photo

An excuse to take a photo every day, preferably something kinda of pointless. And maybe practice fiddling about with photo editing software to boot.

Pauline: Crochet for Breast Cancer

My 100 days project is to make a pink crocheted square and a pink crocheted flower every day of the 100 days. At the end of the project the squares will be made into a blanket and flowers into a scarf or scarves depending on the size. These will then be auctioned and all the proceeds will go towards the NZ Breast Cancer Foundation.

Roger: Find an Idea

I have a blank canvas with only vague ideas of how I want to use it. I shall my 100 days to come up with a different idea for it each day. They may be notes, they may be text, they may be sketches, they may be more. I expect to see development in my ideas over the course of 100 days.

Auriol: 100 Polaroids

Every day I am going to take one polaroid of anything I see and be creative with the angles, lighting and layout of the polaroid.

Shay: Begin Again

I am going to take characters - some existing, some created by me, and recreate/finish/expand their stories.

Anthony: Monster Maker

I'm going to make a monster from small packaging boxes.

Martie: Worship

Photograph "ordinary things", "small things" that help me worship a big God.

Ruby: Home?

For my 100 days I will spending half the time in the UK & half in New Zealand. What I'm going to explore is my relationship to my two homes; what do I experience day to day; what does belonging & familiarity mean to me? Each day I intend to make a sound recording on my phone & do a drawing

Also visit: rubyoakleyart.yolasite.com

Sumaiyah: Alchemical Affirmations

Creating mixed media paintings which contain uplifting and empowering affirmations.

Clementine Sparrow: Sometimes

Once a day for 100 days I will write one line of a poem and draw a correlating illustration. I'll be using a spoken word poem that I have actually written previously called "Sometimes", but each day I'll decide how to break up each segment and draw the supporting illustration...Let's see how it goes!

Kim: Yoga Every Day

I am going to focus on a pose, quote or image that brings me to my mat every day for 100 days.

Glenn: h o l d   o n

An image a day of one thing I find myself holding on to.

Demelza: Pictures

Here's my attempt at learning to draw. My aim is to draw each day.

Henry: 100 Bugs

Fixing bugs

Jill: It’s a beach

I am taking photos of the beach and what's above the beach, for example, kites, clouds, kite surfers, birds, people and things like that.

Ksenia: Caturday

i always found it interesting how one thing could be portrayed in so many different ways. my goal is to make a catllection of drawings done by total strangers. i am going to ask one stranger a day to draw a picture of a cat and give it a name. 100 days, 100 cats! it will be a meowtain of drawings!

Cecile: making a huge eggfort to be creative

This is all about eggs; each day I'll cook an egg in a different way or with a different recipe. I'll be researching traditional recipes form all over the world and inventing some new ones.

Morro: hey time flies.

Things around me at nearly 12:00pm (noon) during these 100 days. Using iPhone 5s.

Joshua: 100 days of drawings

I'm going to do a new drawing each day.

Also visit: www.cakeburger.com

Rachel: 100 days of coffee

My project will be images of my 100 days of my coffee addiction with a few quirky twists.

A: Brutal simplicity. Simple Brutality.

Truth mashup

Bronte: a collection of stuff i find cool

documenting colours, textures, patterns and illustrations in a sketch book

Jason: Vincent


Silvester: My 100 Doodlings

I'm a freelance artist, and a player of Dota 2 and FPS games. Mostly my paintings are digital illustrations, while sometimes I draw a lot sketches using pencil and fountain pen. I'm about to depict a series of illustrations based on a narration called Battle of Muye in my own way.

Yazmin: Reto VEYAZ

Dibujar todo lo que venga a mi cabeza

emmah: lines

creating simplistic bw line drawings that may or may not turn into gifs.

Patrick: the homeless cat? (well i think hes homeless…)

So there is a cat that i walk past in the morning when i go to work. So i though i would document its home, the cat its self and the space around using photos! that is my project, its that simple.

Jess: 100 Days of Blanket Crochet

This 100 days I am going to work on finishing two current crochet projects which have been long works in process, the stripy blanket and the Mario Mushroom.

I am great at starting new projects but sometimes find I lack the determination to follow the big ones through to the end.

So this is about focus and seeing my creativity through to the end with 100 days of constant creation.

Kayla: Loopy Looms

I'm going to make bracelets (and other things) from loom bands every day for 100 days.

Conor: Storyboarding From Memory.

I'm going to storyboard one frame from a film that I havent watched or seen in a long time from memory.

Simon: If I could be a….

if I could be a ... this is who'd I'd be. Sharing my dreams, thoughts and admiration of other people

Molly: Letter Scribbles

Daily typographic musings.

Sabena: 100 Days of Space.

Study the cosmos through a variety of mediums, exploring the stars and expanding my skills.

Risa: Writing a mystery

I have started writing my first book.

Danielle: Delta[Nine]

To end a long creative block.

Catherine: Join the dots

dot stuff up

Nicole: Define art

Make an art piece, any type.

Jules: Cultivating Creativity

Cultivating an environment for creativity. Making physical space, finishing up the unfinished and making room in my mind and home to be able to make quilts. All the quilts.

Also visit: procrasticraft.com

Lee: Places & Things

My 100 day project is dedicated to places and things I either want to:
1. See
2. Do
3. Be
4. Have

I will be expressing this project with multiple types of creative mediums.
At the end of this challenge I will hopefully understand myself more clearly and have challenged my abilities as a Designer.

Lara: Posters


Claudine: 100 Days of Spending/Saving

Trying to save money for the next 100 days.

I will be illustrating/writing about the stuff I spend on for the next 100 days. The more I spend on stuff, the more drawings I will need to do. Although the process of drawing can be fun, considering the little amount of time I have everyday, I can't exactly afford to spend too much time drawing and perfecting them. So this project is two-fold. Spend and draw more, or save and draw little (or maybe draw the word 'nothing').

Andrea: Shoes

Draw, paint and/or stitch an image of a shoe

Also visit: Shoes

Kylie: 100 days 100 book covers

I'm planning to get myself back into art by drawing the cover of a book I've (hopefully!) read every day. They'll probably be lots of children's books!

Nicole: Drawing a Day

For the next 100 days, I will draw a picture a day and explore the world of Japanese street fashion.

Mr Wallace: The Avocado Hunt

Always wanted to be part of the 100 days project. I decided to start with something I find really enjoyable. I am on the hunt for the perfect avocado, that one we are hoping for when we slice, twist and pull apart.

Sophie: Nature limericks

Write a nature themed limerick based on something that I've seen or been working on that day. Extra points for dreadful rhymes.