100 Days Project

Nathalie: 200 pretty ears

Hand crafts is a passion. I always have to do something with my 10 fingers, and always something different: glass, paper, plastic, resin, wool... I cannot stick to one material or one technic, I want to try all of them, it's funnier!
Not easy to find ONE project that brings all crafts together...
Should I use that opportunity to stick on one material and get the best out of it, instead of spreading out in all directions?
Most of all, I'm backpacking. No way I'm gonna carry my sewing machine or a kiln... I need something that can fit in my backpack.
Easy to carry and diversified: the 2 conditions to build up my project.

Ear rings is the only jewel I can wear everyday. I own more than a hundred pairs of them and it would be twice that number if I did not have the bad tendancy to loose them.
I buy a lot, but I also make a lot. Whenever I see something nice, I always think about how to turn it into ear rings.
That's it! I'm sticking to one thing: ear rings. But any kind of material or technic. And challenge: not twice the same material/technic of course!