100 Days Project

Jo: one hundred to one - now called AN ABSTRACTED BIRDSEYE VIEW OF A CITY SCAPE

100 free hand black and white abstract drawings forming one large final artwork - A free flow stroke of the pen approach rather than getting too analytical about the direction of the abstraction. This is more about seeing 'where the pen takes me' rather than 'where I take the pen'
From today I have changed my direction giving a more considered and simplified approach to each drawing, taking the time to make lines that visually relate and connect with the previous drawings surrounding it. I think this will begin to form a more structured whole, cleaner lines with each drawing collectively making a bolder statement.
Day 71... onwards I start to 'get it' feeling more in control and focused on the direction - a little more structured and I'm much happier with each day's drawings. There will be enough ideas here for me to create some finished canvases (ideally 20 small works) using b/w and some with bold colour - really can't wait.