100 Days Project

Esther: Mosaic Madness - 100 (or less) Mosaics in 100 Days

I want to make 100 mosaics in 100 days. (Well - I think I have to adjust that to about 70 Mosaics in 100 Days as I am far behind schedule) I will end up working on multiple mosaics in different phases each day since making mosaics takes time (glue and grout needs time to cure). My goal is to start a new mosaic each day and finish them all before day 100 ends. Progress on the mosaics in the making will be updated each night.. or so I hope :)
I will be very exhausted after this journey...lol

My 100 mosaics can be viewed in Nelson's Best Café Paula's Plate (http://www.paulasplate.co.nz/) as a dynamic ongoing exhibition which will grow and change over the weeks.

If you're interested in one of my mosaics please get in touch by email. Thanks.

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