100 Days Project

Jessica: The Diary of Jessica Rose

I'm going to keep and maintain a classic daily journal 100 days. It's not an original idea and I will join such esteemed company as Cicero, Shonagon, Pepys, Cullwick & Dickens in recording petty disagreements, lists, idle gossip and self congratulatory boasts. This is an exploration in self discipline, where I'm writing for the sole purpose of my own gratification, but will be using the lens of the 100 Days project to commit myself to the task. I don't recommend that anyone actually read it as it will be full of trivial hodge-podge and candid personal blather. Hopefully it is a training exercise that I can take with me for the days beyond, and can one day marvel that it was only $17 to go to the movies and that we all had at least one poop stealing water chair in every house.