100 Days Project

Kevin: 800 bits

I aim to produce 100 computer generated images inspired by the 8-bit 80's retro computing, and computer/video gaming culture, presented in the style of a series of collectable bubblegum cards.

This is the story of my childhood (yes, really). The 8-bit era had a huge influence on what I have done and become (which is essentially a great big nerd ;) and is full of fond memories. From being that kid not allowed to use a school computer because 'you needed to know maths' to where I am now, still playing with computers and the technical and creative passions they allow me to express.

Each Image will be based on a fond memory of that era - They can vary from iconic symbols from the 80's, pixel sprites from classic games, photo-realistic 80's objects that were relevant, or whatever I feel inspired to create each day.