100 Days Project

Max: Meet The staff

Morice is a prosaic, agrarian world where vehicles and equipment are maintained for utilitarian purposes. In a way, it is a perfect place as officials from the Imperial monitoring department never bother to visit. It was a backwater planet Frank received as payment for fighting under the Crown in the Mestophonal wars. As the second planet in a quiet solar system, tucked away on the edges of the empire, it was low on everybody’s order of priority. Most nobles of similar rank to Frank’s never visited the planets they received as concessions of war. They used the territories for the titles they afforded, but remained close to the seat of power to be able to maneuver their way into positions of influence.
Smith moved out to Morice when he fell on hard times after the war. After losing much of his capital due to poor military investments, he needed his few remaining assets to produce an income. Using Morice as a base for his operations, he began to genetically engineer and farm animals. Initially, he concerned himself with creating customised prey for eccentric trophy hunters. After his reputation grew in certain circles, he acquired an increasing number of questionable contracts (mainly due to his having few ethical limitations on what he would undertake for high-paying clients). Working uninterrupted on his planet, he developed an increasing variety of target-specific operations with a skeleton staff of scientists and workers who had escaped war crime denunciations at the close of the conflicts. Left alone to meet the needs of clients, he and his planet has become a ‘service-provider’ for the corrupt and acquisitive.

These are the staff that work on Morice.