100 Days Project

Silke : Woke up like that

My first idea was, well, how about I document the way my hair colour changes over time! I also think I often wake up with the wildest morning hair, and have often thought it would be a fun project to document those changes. I never did - because I'm vain! I look tired in the morning and who wants to see themselves look really horrible in photos, right?

As a reaction to getting annoyed with people being overly complimentary to me and others on social media sites such as Facebook the moment you post a nice'ish photo of yourself, which may or may not be quite far removed from the way we all look in reality, and quite possibly be the one nice photo out of who-knows-how many attempts to take a nice selfie, one day I posted a really terrible photo of myself.
The reactions were quite overwhelming, and partly shocking, particularly my mother's who pretty much told me off for posting a photo of myself looking bad. I think she's genuinely worried I might not produce grandkids as a result of photos like that.

I'm well aware that I'm not a traditionally beautiful woman and I'm fine with that. I know that once you get over my weight, I'm probably good-looking, or so I've been told, but I actually don't worry too much about that. I know I have a fine working brain that is full of good stuff well worth liking or not liking, depending on how you roll. As far as I'm concerned, I'm not about looks when it comes to myself and others, it's about actions, intelligence, humour, kindness etc and I do mean that.

Instead of taking dozens of selfies to look good in, I'll take one photo every morning while waking up. Advance thoughts:

- Don't wait until you're fully awake, take the photo while you're still semi-conscious. This way you worry about technicalities more than the way you look
- Sit up
- The hair has to be fully in the photo
- Try to remember the dream you just got out of
- Note when you washed your hair
- How well did you sleep and did it affect the way you look?
- One photo only, no matter how bad or blurred
- Let go of wanting to look great, no one does in the morning - and you're more awesome than that anyway
- Animate the end result