100 Days Project

Joanne: Rejuvenating Spirit Through Creativity

Each day I will dedicate at least 30 minutes to creatively engage my spirit. That may include my taking or editing my own photographs, writing, drawing, needlework, cooking, and gardening, or enjoying other artists' work that feeds my soul and expands my spiritual and/or artistic interests.

The final five years or so of my career (which I had loved) was a difficult situation over which I had little control. By the end of it, I was spent, emotionally, professionally, physically and spiritually. There wasn't much "Me" left. I looked forward in retirement to tapping into my long-dormant creative side (as writer, photographer, needleworker) to help me heal. I've neither "felt the spark" nor been able to consistently dedicate time to retap into old creative interests and develop new ones. The 100 Days Project is an opportunity to let myself do that, in order to honor the incredible gift of this time in my life.