100 Days Project

Melissa: Artists help with the housework

The 'artist life' isn't glamorous, even in a tortured and starving way. I'm not tortured or starving. I have money, food and family. I also have domestic duties, WOF tests, family events, taxes and day jobs that easily get in the way of making art. Maybe this is the torture of the artist - that endless other things continue to interrupt and disrupt our practice. The amount of time spent doing mundane things compared to art making it's a wonder anyone can call themselves artists. Artists help with the housework takes artists techniques and theories and applies them to mundane household chores. Using a variety of artists the work connects art theory with the everyday in order to comment on the challenges of art making in a contemporary New Zealand context.

I will collect an artist who can assist with a chore one day and the following day perform the chore with the artist in mind. Work will be documented via photography and video