100 Days Project

Lydia: “It’s Hip be Square”

Each day for 100 days I will fill a blank square with whatever is inspiring me and ‘firing me up’ creatively. I will endeavour capture my perspective of the world and to explore my approach to creativity and photography and what drives me.

I have chosen to do this in square format each day. I like how the geometry reflects simplicity and minimalism. I have been influenced by early photographers who used polaroids and medium/large format film which also influenced the resurgence of square photography through Instagram.

The subject matter will be open and varied but clean and simple. I will use a variety of media which may include photography, type, digital graphics, drawings, paintings or found objects.

It will be a work in progress and develop and evolve as I go. I hope to use this to inform my creative work (which is mainly photography) and show a glimpse of what inspires me and pushes me to create.

A square is just a circle with four corners.

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