100 Days Project

Johannes: 100 Days of Head-Hunting

2013 saw me take part in the 100 Days-Project for the first time and I thoroughly enjoyed it.
Based on my “Cubes”-theme I developed some ideas for exhibitions on printmaking and
photography afterwards.

For my second participation in the 100 Days-Project I will use photography to explore artificial,
3-dimensional human faces, wherever they happen to appear – on statues, sculptures, busts and reliefs, but also on shop window mannequins, toys, souvenirs – basically 100 days of head-hunting.

That will lead me into museums as well as into 2-Dollar-shops (and anything in between) and probably will result in a rather wild visual mix of treasures and trash.

It will be interesting to see, how much or how little it takes to shape something our brain would consider or recognize as a human face.