100 Days Project

Kyra: What have I got up my sleeve today? ; Communication through a five-fingered canvas.

I began this project intending to draw or make art of some description on my hand and photographing it to post on 100daysprojectco.nz . Why? You may well ask.i chose this medium due to the nature of my occupation and the achievability of the task at hand ( accidental pun)should I be on set for 14hours a day.My real goal has been to push through blocks that come to my creative process in order to not be governed by them and to discover new tools for my day to day practice. At 59% of the way through the process I can't say that I've cracked it but I'm pretty sure something is happening. And who the hell ever cracks it ay? I hope my Instagram friends are not sick to death of my posts, my Facebook friends are getting off lightly with only the odd post to get some feedback. Not that this is about other people and what they think but the art making process can at times be a lonely one. It's natural to want to see if there are like minded artists about.