100 Days Project

Julia: A piece of jewellery a day

A piece of jewellery a day

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Day 1:


As a jeweller I am supposed to make jewellery every day (not just as part of this project). Some days is not that easy to find the inspiration or the will to sit down and to be creative. By joining this project I am expecting to gain spontaneity and confidence. Some days you will see some of my regular work here, but other days like today, you will see pure spontaneity, grabbing whatever materials I have at hand and making, "just making" trying to not think much. Today I thought I was going to blow the project and was feeling very disappointed with myself for procrastinating, I been working all day but didn't manage to finish any pieces and I was upset for leaving the project for last. But after dinner I said to myself "no! let's do this! It's supposed to be fun and not to think much going around in circles without doing anything, STOP procrastinating, just GRAB something and MAKE something!"....I found black tape and a plastic string, a hook needle in my pocket and this is what happened.... I feel good