100 Days Project

Simon: De Cluttering the house - 100 things in 100 Days

Each day I will be de cluttering the clutter around the house. I'll capture before and after images - or where the old clutter ends up... What can all that clutter be turned into!

"A place for everything and everything in it's place....

Day 14:

More to it?

Research today... These Turkey's reckon there is more to it...


The crux of their write up seems to be that de-cluttering is the easy part. Starts questioning the real reason behind why we all have clutter in the first place (well me anyway).  For me, seems the more days i spend de-cluttering the more I realise they are some simple ways to avoid clutter in the first place...

- Let go of sentimental stuff (or find a use for it)

- Do you really need it in the first place

- Is there a purpose for it?