100 Days Project

Rhiannon and Fox: A Super Hero a day

As a mother of sons, super heroes are big in our house. I find I'm constantly learning about their special powers, real life names, which super gang they belong to and if they're Marvel or DC. Fox is almost 5 years old and he loves to draw, and usually it's a Superhero. So Fox and I are going to create a collaborative Super Hero artwork each day. Fox will draw the picture and I will add colour.

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Day 18:

Day 18: Cyborg

Large portions of Victor Stone's body have been replaced by advanced mechanical parts (hence the name Cyborg), granting him super human strength. Cyborg's internal computer system can interface with external computers, he has an electronic 'eye' replicating vision at a superhuman level, and his mechanical parts contain a wide variety of tools and weapons. his most frequently-used weapon is his sound amplifier (often referred to as his "white sound blaster" in the comic books; the Teen Titans animated series calls it a "sonic cannon"), which can be employed at various settings either to stun the ears of his foes or to deliver concentrated blasts of sound potent enough to shatter rock or deform steel.