100 Days Project

Penny: Photograph a day

Every day, for 100 days, at least one photo. I go months without touching a camera, even though I've been taking photos since I was 12. So often I think 'that would make a great photo' but don't do anything about it. Time for that to change!

Day 19:

Eid al Fitr

A few years ago, I remember driving past a park on the way to work to see dozens of Muslim students from the university streaming away from the prayers marking Eid al Fitr, the end of Ramadan. All were dressed in beautiful clothes - austere white for some countries, the colours of the rainbow for others, some clutching beautiful woven prayer mats.


This photo doesn't capture the beauty I saw that day, taken as it was from a moving car, it's simply an echo of a memory the camera never caught.