100 Days Project

Marie: And yet another story!

It seems to be a trait of the elderly to tell stories and often repeat the same stories. As our family has a major Reunion in February 2015 I will tell a family story each day and NOT repeat it for 100 days. I will use christian names from our earlier generations as pseudonyms.

We were five young, obedient convent school children but that didn't deter our game during the winter months.  As we waited for the school bus to come around the corner we would crack the ice on the ground and throw shards onto the road so the bus would think it was glass and scream on the brakes in front of us.  We thought this was very funny and were somehow unaware that it could be dangerous.  "Blissed out" in our own amusing worlds. As we were never reprimanded for this careless play I guess we were too little to throw enough ice!  (Or maybe we had a very tolerant bus driver who knew we meant no harm.)

Day 2:

2) Throwing Ice!