100 Days Project

Simon: De Cluttering the house - 100 things in 100 Days

Each day I will be de cluttering the clutter around the house. I'll capture before and after images - or where the old clutter ends up... What can all that clutter be turned into!

"A place for everything and everything in it's place....

Day 20:

Books and Stuff

I'd never cut it as a librarian, Melville Dewey apparently invented a filing system back in the late 1800's... I don't think it's catching on in the personnel librarary space... Neverless some good reads amoungst the books pulled out of boxes and and placed on the shelf.

Found a few wee gems today as well, was having a closer look at a pic on the shelf and found a jar of stuff behind it... 3 golf balls - one from St Andrews in Scotland; one from legoland in Denmark, and a 'golf cross' golf ball from the luxurious Martinborugh. (Oh, and a clump of cotton picked from central turkey, just don't tell border control...)

Managed to get rid of entire rubbish bag of junk collected from over the weekend.