100 Days Project

Luisa: 100 days of Ngatu

Can never seem to find the time to dedicate to my painting which is mostly on tapa cloth/feta’aki (Tongan). Here in Tonga there is a big tapa culture, a finished mat is called a ngatu. So to make a ngatu there is a long process of first coming up with a design, sewing (the template), rubbing the embossed lines and finally painting. A hundred days I will photograph, draw, sew or paint all things ngatu or feta’aki . Finally I will get some work done whilst exploring the ngatu culture here in Tonga and hopefully developing my skill as an Artist.

Day 22:

Today preparing the feta'aki for ngatu painting. need to size it and paste the two pieces of feta'aki together. The one at the top is usually finer with no blemishes or patchy areas this is called the lau'olunga, therefore looks good and is easy to paint. usually this is all done in one go at the koka'anga but I'm doing this today and I'll let it dry for tomorrow.