100 Days Project

Lu: 100 Big Days (and Nights) Out

I realised I have kept a heap of tickets to mainly music gigs & festivals over the years, as well as a lot of sports fixtures, from both here, UK and Europe. So each day there will be a photo of a ticket accompanied by a hazy memory from that gig… and a musical tip to go with it.

As I go, a playlist on Spotify called ‘100 Big Days Out’ will be built up of the tracks I single out from those gigs/artists/events. Check it out http://open.spotify.com/user/1230930937/playlist/68S65odxiGB6v7hz4exHTL

Day 28:

DK Cross Central, King’s Cross Depot, London August 2005

Back to London after five years. Back to gig heaven. First chance to get out and about after a long, relaxing holiday in the Greek Islands and Croatia was a new multi-stage electronic music event called TDK Cross Central. It was being held up behind King’s Cross Station across a range of spaces that encompassed The Cross, The Key and Bagley’s (where nay a night was spent on my last time in London, and at the nearby Camden Palace) - all legendary venues that hosted some of London’s more infamous party nights like Renaissance and Freedom. I think even antipodean excess Sunday Session monster The Church was there for a few years. Although we got to see legendary artists like Soul II Soul and their slick modern soul, and crazy, stalky, prowly old Grace Jones which was cool, the night eneded up being more about hunting out the DJs and dancing in the packed rooms. The complex is an old industrial warren - the sort of place illegal raves would have loved, but now you have to pay 3 quid for a bottle of water in. However, it retained some old habits: toilets from hell, the occasional waft of poppers, munters holding up TUNE!’ signs, and enough dark corners to accommodate illegal demand & supply. So, welcome back to London - get your dancin’ slippers on! Gilles Peterson was spinning relaxing global beats in a swanky-ish bar area. We then trawled trorugh room after room to locate Theo Parrish’s electic space funk (any Wellingtonians remember his amazing set for The Matterrhorn’s 10th Birthday?), before we finally caved in and settled in on Mylo in the main room, with a few thousand of our closest friends. Squelchy, electro, glitchy house. Miami Sound Machine, Gwen Stefani vocals… hands in the air. Come on, everyone knows you can’t enjoy a fine wine without some cheese. Guilty pleasures all round. It’s good to be back. I could go for Grace Jones or Jazzy B, but this post’s musical pick, to be fair, has to be Mylo. His record was everywhere that summer, and he did levitate that main room nicely, so here's Mylo – ‘Doctor Pressure’.