100 Days Project

Lu: 100 Big Days (and Nights) Out

I realised I have kept a heap of tickets to mainly music gigs & festivals over the years, as well as a lot of sports fixtures, from both here, UK and Europe. So each day there will be a photo of a ticket accompanied by a hazy memory from that gig… and a musical tip to go with it.

As I go, a playlist on Spotify called ‘100 Big Days Out’ will be built up of the tracks I single out from those gigs/artists/events. Check it out http://open.spotify.com/user/1230930937/playlist/68S65odxiGB6v7hz4exHTL

Day 38:

Goldfrapp, Brixton Academy, London, February 2006

Good old Alison Goldfrapp. Style and substance she has. Supernature came out in 2005, and Fi was already a huge fan, so we naturally bowled along to see her at Brixton, and did see her a couple of more times that summer at other  festivals. Glam, stomping, synthy, rock and roll – this was definitely a record that benefitted from a big live sound. Plus you get to see Will Gregory play a key-tar! Or is it a guit-board? Oh, and for the fellas you get numeorus bikini-clad dancers gyrating on stage. If you’re into that sort of thing. Supernature is now one of those records that is almost etched on my brain from that year. Ironically, my memories of the gig are shaded by the shitty day I had that Friday. I had arranged to have the day off so we could make a day of it, head down to Brixton early, but a big pitch came in to the studio where I worked, and I volunteered to change my day off and come on to help the others. It was a frantic day - bloody useless art directors (is there any other kind?) did not help, and I was coming down with something. When it got close to 5pm, and more hours were clearly needed, I reminded the studio (mis)manager of our deal, and that I would be shooting off soon. She turned on me in front of everyone and let rip to say how unhelpful I was when I had given up a day off?! I held my tongue, big time. Should have told the fat northern cow to shove it right there and then. Clearly hadn’t had her 4 pints at lunch time. When I got home I was man-flu’d and pissed off. I did not want to go to Goldfrapp, but Fi dragged me there. good on her. She kindly opted to get us upstairs so I could at least sit down (Nana), and I think this remains the only time we were upstairs at Brixton and you actually got a great view. It was a great gig though, despite my grumpiness, and the smaller crowd up there was still dancing around in the seats. Got to be ‘Ooh La La’ from Supernature.