100 Days Project

Lu: 100 Big Days (and Nights) Out

I realised I have kept a heap of tickets to mainly music gigs & festivals over the years, as well as a lot of sports fixtures, from both here, UK and Europe. So each day there will be a photo of a ticket accompanied by a hazy memory from that gig… and a musical tip to go with it.

As I go, a playlist on Spotify called ‘100 Big Days Out’ will be built up of the tracks I single out from those gigs/artists/events. Check it out http://open.spotify.com/user/1230930937/playlist/68S65odxiGB6v7hz4exHTL

Day 44:

O2 Wireless Festival, Hyde Park, London, June 2006

A mobile phone company-sponsored series of concerts at eh same venue teh Foo Fighters had played week earlier. Massive Attack were the main headline act that day - but to be fair we went along to see #2 on the bill: The Flaming Lips. Pharell was playing as we rolled in that awesome summers day, and we headed back to a comfy spot to eat & drink like civilised folk before Wayne Coyne and crew unleashed their madness. Once again there were costumed roadies, large inflatable spacemen and legions of fans invited up on to the stage dressed as aliens & Santas. Just the usual visual mayhem for the Lips. Coyne also did his awesome entrance number during ‘Race For The Prize’ where he got inside a make-shift transparent ball, and rolled out into and around the crowd - basically Zorbing the punters. Check out my photo from the day. Crowd went mental. Their set was again crazy and sing-along, and ended with a giant karaoke screen rendition of ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’. What is it with Hyde Park and Queen covers? Pretty sure they reached a new group of fans that day because even if you did not know the band and their songs, you could not fault the amazing circus of a live show. We went to see them again in a few months when they played at the Royal Albert Hall, and basically filled the place with explosive confetti, ribbons and massive balloons. Lip-tastic. Massive Attack I like. Love the records and sound, but live, well… I can take it or leave it. There is a big but minimal light show, and the slow groove maybe just rests a bit flat for a headline in a park summer’s day festival. I remember Si getting enormously fucked off when Daddy G’s almost first words to the London crowd were ‘Fuck the BNP!’. I think he felt that such sentiments were bullshit posturing to a liberal West End Pimms drinking horde - and better off directed to a crowd a a free Trades Hall gig in Salford. A bti to ‘right on’ alright. Nothing wrong with Massive Attack, I’m just not convinced it worls live. In Wellington years ago the sound at their waterfront shed gig was attrocious, so I did not expect much. Maybe I’ll give it with the same as The Hitchiker’s Guide to the Galaxy gave Earth: Harmless. Better stick to my prioroties - we went for the Flaming Lips, so they get the song choice, and this time round it can be ‘The Yeah Yeah Yeah Song’ from At War With The Mystics.