100 Days Project

Candace : lunella ella

lunella ella thinks she is a rather unremarkable snail, but she is more than that...A painted story: How does a story start, and where does it go? Taking this one day at a time, and letting go of how it will unfold.

Last year's 100 Days Project was my journey to owning what I really want in my life: painting, traveling, surfing, learning more about the ocean.

This year's 100 Days Project is learning to slow down, trust my gut and go with the flow. There has been a few living-arrangement changes and I am setting up an online business and working on my PhD as well. So, I am behind in my 100 Days Project but I will carry on like a snail and keep going,
and show up at the exhibition with what I already have :) Come say hello at the Auckland event.

Follow my Fb updates for extra pictures including close-up details (to hopefully compensate for my fantabulous photographing skills) as well as process / behind-the-scene photos.

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I love painting and I spend alot of time with snails as a marine researcher. So, this is what happens!

*Lunella smaragdus : aka Cats eye, pupu, Turbo smaragdus.

Me :: I am bringing ocean lovers together through art, science, surf, dive, freedive and storysharing.





Day 6:

From here on, the text of the story will be kept secret until the end of 100 Days! 

Happy to read your take on what is going on.

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