100 Days Project

Antonia: Heart Into Matter

I have been toying with the idea of a blog for a long time. I am starting a blog as of today, called Heart Into matter. I will take one action per day, in the form of a pic, a post, a meeting, etc. Steph Azam of Grain +Grid designed my logo and is helping me with the design of the blog (http://www.grainandgrid.com/#grainandgrid). Thanks Steph!!

I heard part of a  Radio Lab episode today about language. One of the segments was about this deaf man who did not have language (he had not been taught to sign) for close to 30 years. After he connected with the outside world, he was asked what it was like before he had words. At first, he didn't want to talk about it. Then he said he could not remember. He could be that way anymore. He told the woman that he could no longer spend time around his old friends, who without word via sign language, spent time communicating through a highly nuanced but also elaborate mime-like story telling process. He said he could no longer be that way.

This was very powerful to me.

Day 7:

episode. (another post).