100 Days Project

Marie: And yet another story!

It seems to be a trait of the elderly to tell stories and often repeat the same stories. As our family has a major Reunion in February 2015 I will tell a family story each day and NOT repeat it for 100 days. I will use christian names from our earlier generations as pseudonyms.

My sister and I longed to have a little sister whose hair we could grow and plait or curl or tie high up on top of her hair like Nana used to have her hair.  Most of our hair was too curly to grow long.  As I used to say, our hair grows OUT rather than DOWN!  Mum gave in, and poor Sarah was the chosen one, and it wasn't too long before she had to stand still while we played with her hair to our content every single morning.  Plaits were accepted at school for the few children who had long hair at that time.  I know we often made her miserable, washing, drying, brushing, plaiting, tying her hair in rags so she'd have curls in the morning.  I'm so sorry Sarah!  Oh but you did look pretty just the same!

Day 79:

79) Long hair!