100 Days Project

Marie: And yet another story!

It seems to be a trait of the elderly to tell stories and often repeat the same stories. As our family has a major Reunion in February 2015 I will tell a family story each day and NOT repeat it for 100 days. I will use christian names from our earlier generations as pseudonyms.

I have already told the story of one of our younger sisters taking home school books as she didn't have any books to read at home.  My older sister and I had our own way of making the most of the few books we had when we were young.  We would sit and read the latest book together, one on each side, my older sister usually turning the pages as she was a faster reader than me. I would be causing a fuss in my usual way by saying, "I haven't finished yet, you're too fast!"  But on the whole we would read for an hour or two in this way, twisting our necks sideways to read the page we were holding up, one on the right side and one on the left side of the book. I've never forgotten those books so I guess we must have read them with real concentration!   

Day 83:

83) Book worms!