100 Days Project

Marie: And yet another story!

It seems to be a trait of the elderly to tell stories and often repeat the same stories. As our family has a major Reunion in February 2015 I will tell a family story each day and NOT repeat it for 100 days. I will use christian names from our earlier generations as pseudonyms.

This crisp spring morning after a storm reminds me of similar Waikato mornings. There would be the sound of moo-ing cows ambling their way to the milking sheds as the dawn broke. Our lives were ruled by the  cows and functions always stopped so families could get home at 3pm to milk the cows. At the other end of the day, the young lads were usually the milkers in our teen-age years, so if we went out in the evening we needed to be home by 5am to milk the cows.  We were often driving to dances or other occasions an hour away in  another town, AND in our parent's cars.  It was therefore critical  to get that car safely home so we would be allowed to go out again the following weekend!  "The last dance"  would end strictly at midnight and we knew we needed to be alert to drive safely on the winding country roads, with the odd horse or cow wandering along the road.  My younger brother and I worked out that It was better to curl up in the car and have a sleep before driving home for  milking time at 5am. So this was our regular pattern! Our parents knew we were more likely to drive safely after a sleep, so didn't worry too much, while we looked forward to the following weekend with the car!

Day 87:

87) Home to the cows!