100 Days Project

Marie: And yet another story!

It seems to be a trait of the elderly to tell stories and often repeat the same stories. As our family has a major Reunion in February 2015 I will tell a family story each day and NOT repeat it for 100 days. I will use christian names from our earlier generations as pseudonyms.

Whenever we stayed at Nanas she gave us treats we have remembered all our lives. I was always given the blackened top, sliced off the newly baked bread "so my hair would stay curly!".  We were allowed to put the jam on the rolly polly AND we learnt to roll it up ourselves.  BUT, best of all was Nana coming into our rooms in the dark in the very early morning as she went off to milk the cows.  She would place the plate with the white bread and jam sandwiches close by our beds and potter out again, never a word said,  and we lay there munching our delicious early morning snack wishing we could stay at Nana's forever!

Day 96:

96) White bread & jam!